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Unexpected attribute handling when querying datomic txReport

Posted by eggsearle on October 12, 2013

Perform queries with results indicated 
Peer.q(“[:find ?value :in $ :where [_ :db/doc ?value]]”,tx.get(Connection.TX_DATA)); //returns []
Peer.q(“[:find ?value  :in $ :where [_ :db/doc ?value]]”,db); //returns values
Peer.q(“[:find ?value  :in $ :where [_ 61 ?value]]”,tx.get(Connection.TX_DATA)); //returns values
Peer.q(“[:find ?value  :in $ :where [_ 61 ?value]]”,db); //returns values
So :db/doc is mapped to 61 for a query against the database but not when referencing the txReport.
This initially looks rather strange but is a direct consequence of how Datomic is implemented. 
:db/doc is merely an entity stored in the database, just like any other entity. It is not a special constant, baked into the implementation.
The txReport value does not contain the entity and thus cannot perform the mapping to attribute id. 
Set up the test
uri = “datomic:mem://hello”;
datom = Util.list(“db/add”,
                  “hello world”);     
queue = conn.txReportQueue();
db = conn.db();

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