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Akka IO using byte[]

Posted by eggsearle on February 2, 2013

Used the code from and to send data serialized using ProtoBufs

These examples are all string based, primarily to make the code easy to test with curl.

The string representation of the length can be replaced with its 4 byte binary representation.
The payload is still a byte[], derived from a String for convenience


case s: String => handle.foreach {
h =>
val bb = ByteBuffer.allocate(4)
h write ByteString(bb)
h write ByteString(s.getBytes("US-ASCII"))



def readMessage: IO.Iteratee[String] =
for {
lengthBytes <- take(4)
len = lengthBytes.asByteBuffer.getInt()
bytes <- take(len)
} yield {




6 Responses to “Akka IO using byte[]”

  1. Thanks for the help on this code. The issue I had was I’m not sending a string, as the sample shows. I’m sending a protobuf object, which I am converting into a byte array, so instead of putInt(s.length) I’m using putInt(zombieMessage.getSerializedSize) and instead of s.getBytes(“US-ASCII”) I already have an array (messageBytes) , and I need to write that to the socket. I was using new String(messageBytes) before to deal with this, so I don’t know how to deal with it using your new sample…

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