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Parallel tests in sbt and specs

Posted by eggsearle on October 16, 2011

Both specs and sbt 0.11 by default run tests in parallel.

In general, this is a good idea. It utilizes the resources of modern multicore systems and helps to flush out inadvertent multithreading defects.

It is a really bad idea when the tests were not written to be thread safe!

Two separate and a little obscure configuration changes are required.

In the build.sbt add:

parallelExecution in Test := false

With in the specification, add a sequential entry. For example:

class Test extends Specification {



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Hot deploy for Jetty 7.1

Posted by eggsearle on October 11, 2011

The documentation is not very helpful.

The log output indicates the server notices when a new war is dropped into the webapps directory, but further action is taken.

Turns an unmodified install will perform a hot deploy so long as the application is referenced by a context file and that file is touched.

That is easily arranged as part of an ant build.

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heroku and intellectual property exposure

Posted by eggsearle on October 9, 2011

The implementation is ingenious and very easy to use. Pushing from a GIT is both elegant and effective.

However, this exposes the entire code base to Heroku.
That is troublesome for anything but an OSS application.

Heroku started as a Rails platform where there is no alternative to deploying the source code.  That is not true for Java or Scala.

Obviously this disadvantage does not greatly impact the business model of Heroku or their competitors. Presumably their customer base is not overly concerned with IP protection

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