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Using akka with SBT and Scala 2.8.0

Posted by eggsearle on August 22, 2010

akka describes how to use SBT but neither it nor the SBT documentation indicates how to specify the Scala version to get 2.8.0. Some digging into the repo indicates the correct vallue is: 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT

Hopefully all the Scala infrastructure will soon catch up to 2.8 and eliminate these missteps.


2 Responses to “Using akka with SBT and Scala 2.8.0”

  1. version: 2.8.0

    works here, can you try it?

  2. eggsearle said

    I see that scala-2.8.0 is now accepted and the akka plugin is functional.

    Thanks for the feedback

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